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INDEPENDENTLY Licensed Biological


Packaged in an USDA - FDA inspected and authorised facility. We are distributors most effective.

Certified Biological by using an FDA-approved impartial laboratory, tested for viruses, bacteria, diseases and impurities. 

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We started with a single product: the most incredible
botanical on the face of the planet conventional as Moringa Oleifera. It is a tree it really is native to only a number of places within the Eastern
Hemisphere. We have adopted the tree as a result of its striking dietary and medicinal features. It has been used within the Orient and in India by
herbalists and Ayervedic healers for hundreds of years to stay away from and deal with over 300 conventional illnesses. 100% of the tree is consumable and has medicinal cost and
nutritional houses. The roots may also be floor and used like horseradish. The
leaves are used as a superfood containing 24 nutrition, minerals, all of the
amino acids, fiber, and protein. In areas of the realm where meals, agriculture,
and water are missing, the Moringa tree can flourish. Moringa is a existence-saving complement for individuals who face hunger, malnutrition and nutrition linked ailments on an everyday foundation.

Why carry this
product to The United States, formerly the richest nation on earth? Because American citizens
are demise. Americans are littered with malnutrition; not simply the economically
depressed and the homeless. All socio-economic courses and age businesses of American citizens are contracting colon, colo-rectal melanoma, digestive, and
cardiovascular illnesses at an alarming price. This is due, in big half, to our
rich decisions of processed meals, fast-food, genetically altered,
hormone-injected, artificially sweetened, poisonous rubbish we adore so a whole lot.
More proof lies in the proven fact that one fourth of our babies are struggling with weight problems. The US Congress is discussing courses to fight childhood weight problems,
like it's some form of lengthy overdue legislations that must be enacted. This is scary

We quite simply want
to get again to Nature. We deserve to ingest excessive concentrations of pure eco-friendly
vegetation 3 times a day with the intention to fight again the consequences of processed meals. Unless you can have the funds for to purchase entire meals and organically grown &
raised meals, and eat them solely, you will inevitably eat some category
of artificially processed meals. We all comprehend that are living, fresh greens are completely the finest supply of herbal nutrition and fiber, but it is practically inconceivable to consume adequate of it each 24 hours to gain sufficient nutritional improvement from it (based on the FDA's counseled day-by-day allowances). You would need to munch on celery, spinach leaves and carrots all day lengthy to satisfy those counseled quantities. We have tried to fill this nutritional hole with
multi-vitamins / mineral dietary supplements. However, these over-the-counter
multi-vitamins are additionally chemically produced, boiled down, concentrated and
artificially synthesized. That have to make you wonder in case you are actually getting
the pure vitamins your physique so desperately requires for ordinary, healthy

Our Moringa is
the bridge. Pure, ground eco-friendly leaves, shade-dried and encapsulated in a hundred%
vegetarian drugs. Two drugs of our Moringa, taken 3 times a day with ingredients, will exchange your life in the first week. The ongoing advantages of ordinary consumption are nearly too many to point out. See the subsequent two pages in
this web site for the nutrition, mineral, fiber, protein and amino acid content material in
our 500mg Moringa drugs.

Fight again the consequences of processed meals and renew your system daily with Moringa!

A thirty day provide (180 caps) costs you lower than giving up the cost of 1 $5 quick meals
meal each and every week with the intention to retailer your existence. 

You will see and believe immediate advantages inside 5 days.


Tree Of Life Health Foods

Expiration Date

2 years



Supplement Purpose

Immune Support, Energy




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