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Moringa Oleifera Seed Powder

(Moringa oleifera)





Quality: We supply our bulk deliver from biological and pharmaceutical grade manufactures. Our bulk herbs, spices and nutraceutical items are free from chemical compounds and pesticides and are never irradiated or fumigated.   In addition, our items are dried the usage of low warmth under a hundred and twenty levels

Our items do no longer contain maltodextrin or brought elements corresponding to sugars or fillers. We sell a hundred% pure, safe, and helpful items.

Secure Packaging: Our bulk items are packaged the usage of a re-sealable meals grade bag that blocks UV mild and moisture. All our items are defense sealed for our consumer’s defense. Our darkish colored luggage are especially designed to make sure the freshest product viable. 

Lab Demonstrated: The items we promote are lab demonstrated for pesticides, metals, and microbiological brokers. If a product doesn’t meet our quality general it's rejected or sent again to the brand. At our consumer’s request, we can deliver lab evaluation and checking out consequences for all our items.

Shelf Existence: Our items will keep their freshness and integrity for as much as 18 months after buy in our sealed luggage or 6-9 months after seal is damaged. Customers have to store items in a groovy dark region to make sure full shelf-life. Bulk items are sourced on a weekly foundation to make sure our deliver is at all times clean. 

Bulk Packaging:  Orders of 10 or extra of a single item might be packaged in a meals grade bag with twist tie. Bulk capsules don't observe.

Disclaimer: This product is not to be used via pregnant or lactating girls. Consult your healthcare practitioner earlier than use when you have or in case you had any outdated health situation that you're taking any drugs for together with OTC drugs or when you are planning a scientific manner. Discontinue use immediately and make contact with your healthcare issuer if any hostile reactions take place. This product is not meant to diagnose, treat, cure, or steer clear of any ailment. Not meant for persons below age 18





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