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2 bottles! 1-Leaf(60 500mg) & 1Seed (60 500mg) Moringa Oliefera powder. What makes ours SO special is the Moringa is flown here to the U.S. first, inspected and dried. Then our product is hand packed so you get the freshest most effective Moringa on the market. Getting the most out of the Moringa is our business, we strive to make sure that you receive the most potent Moringa by offering both the seed and leaf powder providing an over wellness like no other supplement can provide. Wether your looking to lose that unwantes weight, have more life giving energy, stronger, thicker, shiner hair, stronger fuller nails, help regulate your sugar levels, calm & soothe your anxiety & many other benefits our combination is great for both your insides (leaf) and beautifying outside (seed) PLUS anti-aging due to its 46 anti-oxidant agents. My wife uses the seed for her sensitive skin plus it has helped cure her constipation, I use it to keep my belly at bay and helps my mood as I deal with depression. The benefits are hard to believe but there is a reason it’s called the Miracle Tree! The best part is we know you will love our product that we give you a 60 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE on a 30 day supply. NO HASSEL! If you are not happy let us know and we will refund your money and you keep the bottle!!! Buy with confidence! Been with eBay since 2002, our customers always come first!



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