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PKM1 Moringa Oleifera Seeds

This is 1000 package of seeds. 1,000 seeds. This does not mean you will receive exactly 1,000 seeds - we bag by seed not by weight count. 

 Please note that our seeds are organic. Just like produce at your grocery store or local farmer’s market, you may find an occasional pest in seeds that are not shelled. This does not harm the bag of seeds.

Our Seeds are Phytosanitary Certified, Organic, already cleared by the US Customs and shipped fast from our farm in Florida. Our seeds are for agriculture purposes however they can be eaten as they are not treated with any chemicals. We overweigh our seed bags to make up for any hollow seeds (which does happen).

PKM1 Moringa Oleifera Seeds have had selective line breeding by crosspollination and grafting. This seed was developed at plant institute in India.
They are organically grown, Non GMO and when planted the trees may produce seed pods twice a year once fully mature (approximately 18 mths).

PKM1 Moringa Oleifera Seeds, Trees and Leaves have the same high level of nutrients as the conventional (traditional) Moringa Oleifera.

Moringa’s have many benefits. It is known as the tree you can eat if you had no other food and survive due to its high level of nutrients.

Some benefits include:

3 times the Potassium in bananas.

7 times the Vitamin-C as in oranges.

25 times the Iron in spinach.

4 times the Calcium in milk.

4 times the Vitamin A in carrots.

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